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Benefits of Installing a Sulky on Your Lawn Mower

A sulky is a small attachment for your walk-behind lawnmower. The sulky has a flat platform with traction lines for you to stand on, and it includes one or two wheels. It attaches with a hitch, and it has a small footprint that makes storage and transportation easy. The sulky offers many advantages, especially if you have a large lawn to mow or if you operate a lawn care or landscaping business. When you take pride in caring for your lawn, a sulky is a wise choice for your set of equipment and tools. Here are the benefits of using a sulky.

Increases Lawn Mowing Efficiency

With a sulky attachment for your lawn mower, you can get the job done in less time. The self-propelled lawn mower propels you forward, and you will not get fatigued as quickly as you would when you have to push the mower yourself. Stepping onto and off of the sulky is faster and easier than getting yourself situated on the seat of a riding mower. Less time getting onto and off of the mower means a faster rate of completion for mowing the lawn. If you have a lot of lawns to mow, using the sulky will speed up the process.

Enhances Comfort for the Operator

Sulkies increase your comfort when mowing a lawn. Their spring suspension minimizes any vibrations, so your feet, ankles, knees and hips will not feel sore after finishing a large job. Standing is a more ergonomic position than sitting when mowing a lawn. You may find that using a sulky allows you to mow for a longer period of time than you are able to mow when seated on a riding mower. Riding lawn mower seats are made of molded hard plastic, which can be tough on your lower back, abdomen and hips. The more ergonomic sulky allows you to position yourself in a more comfortable way.

Boosts Your Safety

If you need to duck in order to avoid a tree branch or airborne debris, doing so is easy. If the mower starts to tip because of wet grass, steep terrain, hidden debris in the grass or hills, you can step off of the sulky in a hurry. This prevents you from falling. You will be clear of the mower. There is no risk of getting your foot stuck around pedals if you need to get off the lawnmower in a hurry.

Easily Access Lawn mower Controls

When riding on a sulky, it is easy to reach the lawnmower's controls. You can increase or decrease its speed, turn it off or on or steer all while standing on the sulky. When you need to navigate around the features of a yard, such as a tree, curved path, water feature, sidewalk or driveway, just lean the weight of your body as you steer. Steering the sulky is much like steering a bicycle as you ride it.

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Choosing the Right Lawn mower Is a Wise Investment

Maintaining a meticulous-looking lawn requires having all the right equipment as well as a significant amount of time and effort. That's the reason it's so important to choose a lawn mower that makes this job more convenient and comfortable for you to complete. When choosing the right type of mower for your property, you have a choice between push and riding options.

Pros and Cons of Push and Riding Mowers

When you are thinking about investing in a push-style or riding mower, here are some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of investing in these mowers.

Physical Exertion - Undoubtedly, using a push mower takes a significant amount of physical exertion compared to a riding mower. When deciding which mower is right for you, there are many factors to take into consideration.

Some factors include your lawn size and the average temperature during the warmer months of the year of the region where you live. For people with more spacious yards or with mobility or health concerns, a riding mower can save time and physical exertion.

If your property isn't unusually large, choosing a self-propelled lawn mower helps to make push mowing easier, as the machine does some of the heavy work required to help keep it moving forward.

Lawn Care Attachments - Tending your lawn effectively requires more than just mowing. Generally, the attachments for push mowers are limited to a grass clipping bag. The selection of riding mower attachments and accessories is much broader. Some examples of popular riding mower attachments and accessories include:

  • Dump Carts - These are ideal for transporting lawn waste or other large items such as topsoil, mulch, or firewood.
  • Lawn Rollers - Lawn rollers help to level the ground and help in the germination of newly sown grass seeds.
  • Core Aerators - Core aerators help to prime soil by creating small holes that allow water to penetrate deeper. In turn, the ground becomes healthier to support the growth of new grass.
  • Spreaders - The use of spreaders makes spreading new grass seed or fertilizer a more straightforward and less labor-intensive.
  • Front Scoop Blades - A front scoop blade helps make hauling loose dirt, mulch, stone, or gravel easier. For homes with significant landscaping requirements, this attachment can prove especially helpful.

Ease of Transport - If you're in charge of maintaining lawns at multiple homes or properties, a push mower is more convenient to transport in the back of a truck or van. Generally, all you need to do is lift the machinery into the end of the vehicle, and you're ready to go.

While not impossible to transport, riding mowers could take some effort or the use of a trailer to move them from place to place. Another option for loading a riding mower is using a ramp made from durable wood or metal tracks.

Availability of Storage - Riding mowers are generally larger than most push-style type lawnmowers. If you have a considerable amount of extra storage space in a secured area such as a garage, a shed, or an outbuilding, tucking away a riding mower should not present too many issues. For those with limited storage space, a push mower requires less room to lock away.

Cost - While pricing for both push mowers and riding mowers can vary wildly, most often, push mowers are going to be far less expensive than a riding mower.

Pick the Mower That's Best for Your Needs

If you want to keep your lawn looking its best this year, choosing a mower than meets all of your needs is the smartest investment you can make.