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Bradley Push Mowers, Stand-On Mowers Accessories and More

Bradley Mowers manufactures an extensive range of commercial mowers for all types of landscaping applications. We have commercial push mowers, electric lawnmowers and stand-on riding mowers, all with sturdy Briggs and Stratton engines, along with mulch bars and log splitters for more specialized usage.

Bradley Commercial Mowers

You'll find commercial grade push lawn mowers in a selection of cutting widths that range from 22 inches in the Even-Cut Push Mower and 24 inches in the Even-Cut Self Propelled Push Mower. Our medium-size mowers include the 32-inch or 36-inch belt drive E-Clutch Walk Behind Mower, along with the 36-inch Hydro Walk Behind Mower with T Bar. For larger applications, choose either the 48-inch or 52-inch Hydro Walk-Behind Mower With T Bar.

If you need stand-on riding mowers, ranges include the 48-inch and 52-inch Vanguard Mower or the 48-inch or 52-inch Compact Briggs Commercial Mower.

Bradley Accessories

Keep sidewalks and driveways looking neat with the Even-Cut Walk Behind Commercial Edger. When you work with trees, the 35-ton Bradley Log Splitter is the perfect companion. We also have mulch kits for 48SC and 52SC commercial mowers.

Walk Behind Versus Stand-On Mowers

Walk-behind push mowers are great for cutting smaller yards because of the control they afford. They're also ideal if you are mowing steep slopes. Stand-on riding mowers have become more versatile over the years, with most having a compact turning radius. These are suited for larger landscapes.

Wherever your mowing, edging and trimming needs may take you, be sure to browse the high quality lawn care equipment offered by Bradley Mowers!

  • Full unit left facing 1
  • Full unit right facing
  • Left facing up close
  • Height adjustment
  • Engine up close
  • Angle blade adjustment   outside
  • Full unit outside

Bradley Even-Cut Commercial Walk-Behind Edger


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Benefits of Using an Edger

The first thing that catches a visitor’s eye when they see your property is the front lawn. A manicured lawn has neatly trimmed edges and grass. Trimming the edges makes the lawn look cleaner and gives the home more curb appeal. The benefits of using a lawn edger include:

  • Boosts curb appeal
  • Provides a barrier
  • Protects the driveway
  • Protects the lawn
  • Adds value to the landscape

A neatly trimmed lawn improves the appearance of a house and makes a positive first impression. A lawn edger creates clean lines between flower beds and grass, and also prevents grass roots from invading flower beds and driveways.

Lawn Edger Specifications

A walk-behind edger is a wheeled edger. The wheels provide operational versatility. A lawn edger is a piece of power equipment. It is either an electric- or gas-powered edger. The choice of edger depends on the individual and the trimming.

Handheld edgers are pretty basic and easy to use. However, tall people may find them a bit uncomfortable, so a walk-behind edger is preferable in that case. The type of engine your edger has determines how much it does and how much time you save when working with it. With little time on your hands and a large yard, an edger with a strong power rating is best.

Contact us if you have any questions about whether our commercial grade walk-behind edger is right for your property!


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  • 4HP Briggs & Stratton Recoil Start Engine
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • 5-Position Bevel Adjustment
  • 8-Position Cutting Depth Adjustment
  • 8" Front and Rear Wheels
  • Front Wheels Adjustable: Left, Right, or Spread


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