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Easily set up with the fast removable Bradley Steel Grass Catcher. Fits Bradley Compact Stand-On Mowers.
Bradley Grass Catcher GC2400:
• Heavy-duty welded steel construction
Fits Bradley Compact Stand-On Mowers
Easily set up and Quick removal
• 3.90 cu. ft. capacity
*DC2400 dust cover is available, sold separately

SKU: GC2400


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How Grass Catchers Help Improve the Look of Your Lawn

Grass catchers, also called baggers, work like the bag of a vacuum cleaner, gathering cut grass and holding it until you're ready to empty the bag. If your lawnmower doesn't have one or your original one broke, here are some tips on using them.

Types of Grass Catchers

There are catchers for all types of lawn mowers, including zero-radius turn mowers, commercial mowers and walk-behind mowers. These accessories are easy to attach and remove from the lawnmower. There are original equipment manufacturer baggers and aftermarket grass catchers for each make and model of mower.

How Grass Catchers Work

Grass catchers collect the cut pieces of grass that are blown out from under the mower's deck. Steel grass catchers offer durability, and aluminum offers resistance to rust and a lighter weight. When mowing the lawn, aim to cut one-third or less of the length of the grass. Cutting less of the grass's height at a more frequent rate is better for the root system. This also means fewer times emptying the grass catcher.

Benefits of Grass Catchers

If you're tired of raking your lawn after mowing it, a bagger is a good choice. It will save you the extra work. Bagging the lawn clippings also helps your grass look tidier. Less thatch will build up. If you walk on your lawn or have a pet that walks on the grass, there will be less grass tracked back into your home when you have a catcher for the clippings. If you have a compost pile, the grass clippings will help with the composting process.

Grass Catchers Available from Bradley Mowers

If you are looking for grass catcher replacement parts, Bradley Mowers has a range of options. Our house brand is made of steel and holds 4.05 cubic feet of clippings. It is compatible with Bradley Mowers WT, SOT and all pistol grip Bradley and Red Hawk lawnmowers.

We also stock Ferris grass catchers and baggers. These are also made of steel and have a capacity of 4.05 cubic feet. They are compatible with Ferris FW35 walk-behind and SRSZ2 stand-on mowers. Our GC2400 offers a welded steel housing. Its 3.90 cubic foot capacity offers convenience. This grass catcher is compatible with Bradley compact stand-on motors. There is a dust cover available and sold separately.

Commercial Grass Catchers FAQs

Benefits of Using a Commercial Grass Catcher

Some people prefer using a commercial grass catcher, while others are partial to letting the clippings return to the lawn. However, there are several benefits of using a commercial grass catcher. For example, it can help produce a neater lawn appearance. 

For those who love composting, grass clippings can also be an excellent addition to the compost pile. The catcher makes them easier to transport to their final destination. 

How Do I Choose the Right Commercial Grass Catcher for My Mower?

The owner's manual for your lawn mower should come in handy. It should offer valuable information about which commercial grass catcher pairs well with your mower. 

Can I Use a Grass Catcher on Wet Grass?

Cutting wet grass can come with a host of potential issues. You might not get the type of cut you desire, or clumps of wet grass may repeatedly clog your mower, unnecessarily lengthening the process.

How Do I Maintain My Commercial Grass Catcher?

A commercial grass catcher is easy to clean. All you have to do is disconnect it from your mower, hose it down well and scrub it on the inside and out. Let it dry thoroughly before reattaching and using it again. 

Are There Any Safety Precautions I Should Take When Using a Grass Catcher?

The biggest safety precaution to take when using a grass catcher is to make sure the lawn mower is off and the blades have completely stopped moving before you take the catcher off the machine. Leave the mower off until you fully reattach the grass catcher.