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Zero Turn Mower Buyer's Guide

Bradley Mowers has a wide variety of offerings for lawn care enthusiasts. Bradley Mowers is sure to have the perfect model and size for whatever your needs may be. We have models ranging from residential mowers to commercial-grade equipment. We also offer a wide selection of accessories and parts so you can customize your machine just the way you want it!

What Are Zero-Turn Mowers?

Zero-turn mowers are designed for commercial use and are often faster than regular lawnmowers. You can also use them in tight spaces that a traditional tractor cannot fit, such as between fences or trees on the perimeter of your property.

Zero-turn mowers turn by rotating the tires instead of using a steering wheel to maneuver as standard tractors do. Areas that zero-turn mowers can easily handle include hills, slopes, and tight corners.

When maintaining large plots of land, such as lush golf courses, stately estates, or lawns with water features, zero-turn mowers are the best solution for streamlining all lawn care needs.

Which Is Better: A Lawnmower Tractor or a Zero-Turn Mower?

Possessing the right tool for the job always matters, regardless of what job you need to complete. However, when it comes to mowing your lawn, you might wonder which is better: a tractor or zero-turn mower?

Tractors effectively cut more significant swathes of grass with a single pass. However, adding accessories such as a deck-size or mulching kit can be a great decision.

Most tractors can be used with any size of the lawnmower deck, too. Tractors offer stability for tall grasses or even uneven terrain that aren't as compatible with zero-turn-style mowers.

The downside to a tractor is that it can be challenging to maneuver around trees and other obstacles in your yard. Due to this lack of maneuverability, you may need to invest more time caring for your lawn.

For instance, you may need to use a hand mower to cut grass in enclosed areas or in areas where you have limited accessibility. Or, you may need a weed wacker to trim around trees, landscape features, sheds, and swimming pools.

Benefits of Zero-Turn Mowers

A Bradley zero-turn mower will help you cut more quickly while still being able to navigate through tight spots with ease. Other notable benefits of this type of mower include:

  • Easy Operation - Zero-turn mowers are easier to operate than traditional lawnmowers. In addition, they require minimal physical effort on the part of the operator.
  • Work on Multiple Terrains - Bradley zero-turn mowers effectively mow both flat and hilly terrains and landscapes.
  • Fuel-Efficient - They use less fuel and feature a smaller engine size, making them more eco-friendly. As gas and fuel prices continue to creep up, these cost savings can be significant over a year.
  • Central Blade Location - The cutting blade is located in the center of the machine, so it can mow in all directions without turning around. As the operator, you need to use your arms to guide the mower in the desired location.
  • Easy Starting - If you've ever spent an hour pulling on a starter cord on a push mower, you're sure to appreciate having the option to choose zero-turn mowers. These feature an electric start or push-button start, automatic transmissions, and single or dual blades.
  • Easier to Maneuver - A zero-turn mower will offer you more maneuverability and comfort for tight spaces, as well as on hillsides or slopes that are difficult to manage with tractors.

Overall, zero-turn mowers work well for maintaining grounds of all sizes. However, these powerful machines could be a bit of overkill for your needs if you have a smaller lawn or have limited space for storing large pieces of lawn care equipment.

What to Look for in a Zero-Turn Mower

Investing in a zero-turn mower is a big decision! When researching, it's essential to think about how you plan on using the equipment and the features and functionality you need most.

For instance, if the mower will get used primarily for personal use, such as maintaining a single lawn, then you'll want to take into consideration the size of your property, as well. For example, if it's a large yard that requires more than one person to mow on any given day, a zero-turn mower can cut the job down.

You'll also need to consider what types of features are important to you in designing and picking the mower. For example, factors you'll need to consider are how often you'll use the mower, the average weather conditions, and the terrain.

Mowing Height Adjustment Capabilities - If you have high grass, then the ability to adjust your mowing height is crucial. If you cut and mow the grass too short, it can scalp the ground, damage roots, and kill off healthy grass and turf. On the other hand, if you don't clip the grass short enough, then you'll have to do it again within a short time.

If the lawn is flat, a standard mower blade will work just fine and maintain the turf in good condition. But if there are slopes or hills on your property, then having the ability to adjust the mower height for these inclines could be much more beneficial than a traditional cutter blade.

Cutting Width - The width of the cutting blade will determine how much of the lawn you can mow in one pass.

Brush Blades - If you have a lot of weeds, tall grass, or other unwanted plants on your property, then using a brush blade may be more effective than standard blades. In addition, this blade type is optimal for maintaining land that isn't necessarily part of your landscaping, such as undeveloped acreage or fields.

Stabilizer Wheels - If you have many hills, slopes, or inclines on the property, adding stabilizer wheels can help make these areas much easier to manage with standard blades attached. In addition, the added balance created by this feature helps to keep your lawnmower from sliding, tipping, and losing traction with the ground.

Mulch Capabilities - If you plan on using a mulching blade instead of bagging clippings, be sure that your machine has this capability or can switch out blades quickly enough. By doing so, you are helping to refortify the ground with nutrient-rich clippings that help keep grass healthy and vibrant.

Deck Size - The size and shape of the mower deck should also be considered when purchasing a new machine. For example, the size and shape will impact how wide the mower can cut an area in one pass and what type of grassy terrain is best suited for thick or thin spots.

A narrow deck size is better suited to smaller yards or tight corners that need mowing regularly, while expansive decks are best if you have more ground to cover in one pass.

Suspension Type - Just like in vehicles, the suspension type will help to keep your machine running smoothly. Some newer models will come with various features, including suspension that helps reduce vibration and noise for the operator.

Engine and Transmission - The size of the engine and transmission will also have a significant impact on the speed of mowing. Larger machines will provide more torque and horsepower, which allows for faster speeds. A quality engine has all of its moving parts greased before shipment to ensure longevity.

How You'll Use the Mower - Lawn mowers are an essential tool for anyone tasked with keeping a lawn looking fabulous. However, if the mower is for personal use only, the speed will be largely irrelevant.

The size of the mower can also affect how fast it's able to cut grass. If you have a large yard with many obstacles, consider an electric or gas-powered machine meant for commercial use to lessen the amount of time necessary for each pass. This way you'll get your work finished quicker.

Speed is a critical factor for professional landscapers who want to turn their investment into a revenue stream by mowing lawns for others. A mower with an engine and transmission that provides a higher top speed will cut more lawns in one day, which means the potential to earn more money for work.

How Much It Costs to Run for a Day - You'll want to consider the overall costs and expenses associated with running a lawnmower daily. Factors that contribute to these costs and fees include fuel cost, engine size, and maintenance costs.

Maintenance Requirements - Like all machinery, lawnmowers of all types require maintenance to keep them running optimally. Tasks like blade sharpening, oil changes, and tune-ups will provide a specific benefit for the lawnmower's longevity.

For many models, it can cost as little as $30 to perform routine maintenance tasks like sharpening blades or changing oil filters. Still, other more intensive jobs could run up to $150, depending on the size and scope of the repair or maintenance requirements.

Safety Features - It's worth noting that lawnmowers are heavy equipment that can be risky to operate. To minimize the chances for serious injury, checking for safety features such as grass catchers and overhead guards helps keep operators safe when using the equipment.

Additionally, operators should use hearing protection, eye protection, safety gloves, and protective clothing to safeguard themselves from potential injuries when operating this equipment. Finally, while long pants might feel a bit oppressive during the hot summer months, they help protect against the potential for flying objects, ticks, and other pests and nuisances typical when working outdoors.

Warranty Coverage - Choosing a lawnmower that includes a comprehensive warranty helps to keep you covered in case of malfunction or repair issues. A warranty would cover mechanical parts, gearboxes, belts, batteries, and blades, depending on the brand and model.

Do you need help choosing a zero-turn mower? If so, consulting with a professional lawnmower retailer can help narrow your decisions regarding the type of mower that's best for your specific requirements.

Why You Should Consider Bradley Mowers for Your Next Zero-Turn Mower

Bradley Mowers, based in Oak Harbor, Washington, is a family-owned company that has been around for over 60 years. Bradley Mowers' longevity is primarily due to the firm's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and an emphasis on building quality products that are reliable from day one.

When you purchase a machine from us, you can trust that your lawn care tasks get cut down to size! We offer a wide variety of zero-turn mowers to help customers keep their lawns and landscapes looking their best all year long.

Please browse our extensive catalog of powerful lawn care equipment today! We offer a wide range of commercial-grade zero-turn mowers, including stand-on, walk-behind, and brush mower models. Our helpful and knowledgeable lawn care professionals are always happy to answer any of your questions and inquiries.