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MS2000N Mower Sulky One Wheel Sulky


(17 reviews)

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MS2000N: This is the original One-Wheel Sulky! Quickly and easily convert your walk-behind mower into a stand-on riding mower. Increase efficiency and comfort for those long days of mowing. This patented sulky fits almost every mower! Hitch adapters are available. Please remember that a sulky device puts an increased load on a mower's drive system. Most mowers can handle the additional weight with no problem. The user suggested the weight of 220lbs and under. On orders of three or more sulkies, additional shipping charges may apply. 

SKU: MS2000N


  • Maximize the speed of your walk behind
  • Disconnects from mower with a single pin
  • Fits most mowers
  • Anti-slip platform tread
  • Pneumatic wheel
  • Many grease fittings
  • Powder-coated black
  • Best for operators 220lbs and under


(Based on 17 reviews)

July 12, 2017
Reviewed 6/18/2017

July 12, 2017
My husband is very satisfied so far with the sulky. But has only used it for a couple weeks.
Review from Amazon 6/11/2017

July 12, 2017
Thanks for everything ima go ahead and put you 5 stars u did a great job sending me this item.
Review from Amazon 5/14/2017

July 12, 2017
He was happy with this item
Review from Amazon 4/24/2017

July 18, 2017
It works very well.
Review from Amazon 10/19/2016

July 18, 2017
I have bought and used probably 20 Velke sulkys by Wright in the past and they have always performed extremely well, but I also have had to have many of them re-welded in the same spots because of stress on certain points. This sulky appears to be strengthened in the very weak points the Velke always had. The EXTREME difference in price for the Velke (it is more than twice the price of this unit) is not warranted, in my view, and I am looking forward to see how this unit performs over time.
Review from Amazon 9/1/2016

July 18, 2017
Is amazing I will buy another in future.
Review from Amazon 8/22/2016

July 18, 2017
Fast shipping Great well built Price
Review from Amazon 8/15/2016

July 18, 2017
Works great turns on a dime. I couldn't be happier
Review from Amazon 7/25/2016

July 18, 2017
Very good
Review from Amazon 5/30/2016

July 18, 2017
Good quality
Review from Amazon 5/24/2016

July 28, 2017
Great quality
Review from Amazon 5/24/2016

July 28, 2017
Feet get stuck on the sides if you need off as you make a turn besides that it's great.
Review from Amazon 5/22/2016

July 28, 2017
Well made/Easy to ride
Review from Amazon 5/4/2016

July 28, 2017
It came ver fast it assembled easily and the price was right.
Review from Amazon 5/2/2016

July 28, 2017
Just what I wanted. Thank you.
Review from Amazon 4/28/2016

July 28, 2017
Good quality for the price. Hopefully it holds up well.
Review from Amazon 4/8/2016

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If you love to take care of your residential or commercial lawn, you may wonder how you can make lawn mowing more efficient. If mowing the lawn is not your favorite chore, you might want to know how to make the process faster. A mower sulky might be just what you need.

What’s a Mower Sulky?

A mower sulky is an attachment for your mowing equipment. It works on the push style of commercial mowers, turning them into riding mowers. They feature a zero-turn radius and sturdy steel construction. It is like a little trailer with a hitch. It attaches to your outdoor power equipment, allowing you to stand while you mow instead of walking or sitting. A spring shock system absorbs most of the vibrations, so you can enjoy a smooth ride. As you ride, you steer the self-driving mower with its handles.

What a Mower Sulky Is Used for

A mower sulky increases your comfort when mowing the lawn. You don't have to walk, and you also don't have to sit on an uncomfortable seat that vibrates. They offer a smooth backup and easy turns. If you need to mow on a hill or slope, you can balance with your body weight, keeping the entire lawn mower more stable.

The sulky also makes it easier to get on and off the mower. Using a sulky allows you to mow an acre or an even larger lawn with more efficiency and increased comfort.

Shop our selection of commercial mower sulkies today!