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S100 Bradley Professional Lawnmower Blade Sharpener Grinder Bundle Kit


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Bradley S100 Professional Blade Sharpener Bundle Kit
*Ships in two separate packages
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This bundle kit includes The Bradley S105 Professional Blade Sharpener & the S640 Dirt collector and mulch blade adaptor. 
The S105 makes sharpening the full-length of the mower blades easy and affordable. It sharpens more than just blades. Our 1/2HP, the 1725RPM 110V motor keeps the metal from overheating during sharpening so it is easy to handle. A fully reversible motor allows sharpening on both sides. This is the most affordable portable grinder available. Adjustable light (bulb not included). Dirt collector and mulch blade adaptor. Wheel: 8" Dia. x 5/8" wide 60 grit aluminum oxide. Assembled and tested in the USA.
• 1/2HP, 110-volt motor
• 1725RPM speed
• Adjustable light
• Heavy-duty steel frame
• Adjustable wheel height
• Reversible for left or right sharpening
• Rubber feet absorb vibration
• Blade guide makes sharpening safe and easy
• 180° wheel coverage
• 60 grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel
• 8" diameter x 5/8" wide wheel
• Assembled and tested in the USA
*The light bulb is not included.
*S105 is shipped via FedEx Ground
*S640 is shipped via USPS

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(Based on 2 reviews)

June 13, 2021
The grinder is well made (China) and works well. I'm a retired machinist and well versed on machine use, so with that said. The manual does not give instructions on how to use it and Bradley referred me to You Tube for a customers video, WOW! This man had no clue, no safety or knowledge on how to set it up or use it correctly.
Bradley does not have their own video. If you check out the competition's compony video you will get what you need to set up and operate this grinder correctly and safely.
After that I got it set up and working, I sharpened 3 set of 48" JD tractor blades, did a good job, 2 sets of 60" JD blades that where beat to crap, took a bit of time but I did save them.
Have a balancer, measure in from the blade end to where edge stops try to keep them the same length (this will aid in the balancing)
Keep a bucket of water to cool the blade as you grind, never let it change color from heat, this will soften the edge and will not stay sharp.
Never sharpen to a sharp edge, keep about 1/32 blunt edge.
Never grind the end or back of the blade (only if it's nicked or burred)
Most blades are about 30 degrees.
**The debris (dirt) catcher also includes an adaptor for wavy type mulching blades (comes with S100 kit) also shown in competitors video (how to use it).
All in All it is worth it.
It's also a bit less cash out of pocket then competitors.

June 14, 2021
Review update
I my review of S110 kit, I also added the angle grind support. This speeds the set up by 75%
It is a very useful add on, I recommend it.
Replace the standard support, drop the wheel to 1/8" from it when it's set to the angle and grind.
Most blades are 30 degrees but it's a quick adjustment to change it.
Very nice

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